Coelacanthic Vision (pronounced [see-luh-kanth-ik   vizh-uhn]) formed in 1990, as a collaboration between Sean "Frog" King and Derk Henderson (pronounced [der-ik]). They released 2 tapes (Incantation - 1990, and In The Omen Of A Storm - 1991). Both items are highly sought after by fans of CV, reaching staggering prices as high as $10 at the time of release.

Sean and Derek met at Hutt Valley High (where they both were attending) in Lower Hutt, New Zealand sometime during the period of 1987-1990.

Not much is known about either of them, or this period, other than Derk was an avid surfer and had trained in classical 12 string guitar for some time.

Where they are now, and what other projects they have released is also unknown. Rumour has it, Wellington based fans were prone to claiming to have spotted Sean around the campus of Victoria University. Other stories involve Derk going to Hawaii to follow his passion for surfing.

- Derk emailed to let us know that he’s in the UK - doing mainly IT and also playing jazz guitar in a band called Eye Contact http://www.eyecontactuk.com

He also says that Frog is in the UK as well, doing a lot of alternative art, video production and music http://www.youtube.com/planetfrog

- Frog emailed to let us know that he’s in the UK, and returning to music, but also to exploring further art. You can catch some clips on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/planetfrog and Odeo: Coelacanthic Vision/Planetfrog Legacy 2