Discography - In The Omen Of A Storm

Following on from Incantation, Coelacanthic Vision released their second tape - In The Omen Of A Storm - in 1991.

There was a Limited Edition version of "In the Omen of a Storm" -- given to those who helped out on the project -- with a colour (photocopied) cover and a metal tape. (Thanks to Tomas Kriha for the tip)

    Side A
  1. A Cold December
  2. The Sign
  3. New Romantic Love
  4. Icelands
  5. Misery
    Side B
  1. The Lullaby
  2. Whisper
  3. The Passage
  4. A Promised Kiss
  5. After the Storm

All tracks written by the Frog-Prince except: track i, written by the Frog-Prince and Derk Henderson; and track x written by Derk Henderson.

All tracks copyright 1991 Coelacanthic Vision.

The Frog-Prince : Sean King
lead vocals, keyboards, penny whistle (track i) and rhythm programming.
Derk Henderson
keyboards, backing vocals (tracks ii, iii, & iv), vocals & guitar (track i).
Kate Elliot & Teth, backing vocals (track vi).
(Appearances courtesy of Krishna.)

Produced by Coelacanthic Vision
Engineered & mixed brilliantly by Derk Henderson
Electronic Art: Thomas Kriha-Sanders. Cover photo: Stephanie Kemp.

Charlie Harter, Kate, Teth, the Henderson family, & Stephanie Kemp.

his wonderful grandmother, & Jon Marc for their priceless help.

Roland JX8P, Roland D20, Yamaha DX 9, Casiotone Keyboard, DR550 drum machine, acoustic guitar, penny whistle, shortwave radio, reverb unit, Master Trax Jr (sequencing software), Fostex 4 track recorder, and 8 track mixer.

Close your eyes don’t let the
    pain get in the way, don’t
Shackle down your wings in
    the omen of a storm,
Splash the sky with a paintbrush
    dipped into your heart,
Kiss the dampened soil;
    take the moment now…

Soak the music don’t let the
    screen get in the way, don’t
Shackle down your wings in
    the omen of a storm,
Carve the hillsides with your
    stubborn fingernails,
Float into the sea;
    life has only just begun…

Such a tragic thing…

Download complete album cover (300dpi)