There hasn’t been much news about Coelacanthic Vision for a while now, but keep checking back!

- Wow, it just keeps happening! We’ve just had an email from Frog!

After completing his music degree at Victoria University, he moved to the UK, where he "lived in Brighton for 5 rather happy crazily stoned years, paying the bills by working in offices, painting and writing music". After 9/11 he "ceased writing music and painting for virtually 5 further years as a horror of what it meant to be human really hit me".

6 years on, after relationships, redundancy, and some deeper self realisations, he is returning to music, but also to exploring further art - specifically video making, story telling, and also practicing meditation. You can catch some of his vids on YouTube

"Now the nature of consciousness has also become very much a pivotal interest for me, and is an ongoing journey and investigation which will possibly result in a book in the future."

"Anyway I could say more but thought I’d give you a bit of an update and send best wishes to all, my contact email address is planetfrog (at) should anyone wish to get in touch."

Thanks Frog, it’s great to hear from you!

- Derk is alive and well in the UK - we just got an email from him! Derk says:

"Well, to fill in a few gaps from the last 15 years I’m now in Bristol, UK doing mainly IT and also playing jazz guitar in a band called Eye Contact"

"Frog is in Guildford, UK doing a lot of alternative art, video production and music"

"We also recorded a couple more albums during 1991-1993 while we were studying music in Wellington NZ."

Great to hear from you Derk!

- Tomas Kriha emailed to let us know that there was a Limited Edition version of "In the Omen of a Storm" -- given to those who helped out on the project -- with a colour (photocopied) cover and a metal tape. - Thanks Tomas!